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An Open Letter

This is an open letter to the oppressed. The outcome of the election has truly shown us where this country stands. What its beliefs are. What its thoughts on minorities are. On people of colour. On the disabled. On women. … Continue reading

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Thoughts for a Different Version of Me

Different Version of Me, We may not have met yet, and if we haven’t, I hope someday we do.  Regardless, this is a difficult time for many of us, so I want you to remember something.  You are not alone. … Continue reading

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With the dawn of the new year comes the time where everyone talks about their resolutions.  And I see a lot of negativity about resolutions because 1) many people will combine them with the phrase “new year, new me,” and … Continue reading

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2017: The Younger Sibling

Because you are expected to follow 2016 With beauty and grace; You are expected to bring Better days, Happiness; You have the weight of the world Resting in your hands As if you were Atlas himself. But you aren’t Atlas, … Continue reading

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