An Open Letter

This is an open letter to the oppressed.

The outcome of the election has truly shown us where this country stands. What its beliefs are. What its thoughts on minorities are. On people of colour. On the disabled. On women. On the LGBTTQA+ community.

They may think that they can get rid of us, and destroy us through the means of oppression. They think that with their fear-mongering hatred and bigotry, they can right the wrong that we are; but we are not wrongs to be righted.

We are not some wretched ink-stains on the parchment that is the history of mankind. We are not some trend that will fade away in a decade or two, only to be looked back upon jokingly. We are not a phase that will be erased from existence just because they point oppression and violence our way. We’ve endured that poison for as long as we’ve been alive.

We are a proud people. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, and they beat with the passion, power, and ferocity of all those lives that they think they have silenced with their senseless violence.

The time of silence is behind us now. They will hear us, as we are not some whimpering children crying over some trivial issue. We are a proud people that will unite, we will flood the streets, and march with the unbridled ambition and determination to seize a better life. We will be heard, not because we ask to be heard, but because we demand it.

We will stand together, for one-another, crying out with a chorus like thunder. Our iron wills harden our bodies, turning a crowd of regular people into a regiment of resolute archangels, undying in our cause to seek justice.

These are dark times, the sun is seemingly eclipsed by the fear that haunts us, and yet, we must remember that there is still hope.

There is always hope.


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