Holiday Greetings and Advice

Happy holidays to all those who celebrate!

I wanted to pass along something I saw once. I’m not sure who to credit for it, because I saw it as a screenshot on social media, so if it’s yours: 1) thank you, it’s wonderful; 2) if you would like me to remove it or credit you please let me know.

This holiday season, if you are not “out” you may be around friends or family members who are constantly misgendering you or asking relationship-related questions.

Pretend you are undercover.


This doesn’t only have to apply to someone expected to be a girl. It can work for anyone, just tweak it to fit your situation.

If you have any other ways you make being around family for the holidays easier, feel free to share by either leaving a comment, sending an email, or tweeting at us.

And always remember, stay safe.

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