It’s Not Too Late

There is a lot of fear right now.  This is something we cannot deny.

A lot of this fear stems from the fact that Donald Trump is currently President-Elect of the United States.  This is something we cannot deny.

But it isn’t over.  There is still a chance for Hillary Clinton.  Granted, it might be a slim chance, but a chance is a chance and we should do what we can.

So what can we do?

I’m glad you asked.

We all have a voice.  And though it might not feel it all the time, our voices can be heard.  We can contact our electors.  The members of the electoral college do not vote until December 19th.  That gives us, from the date this post is written, just under a month to contact them.  These are the people we voted for to represent us, so we should let them know how we feel about this election.  They do not have to vote with the popular vote in their state.  A lot of us are scared right now.  Why shouldn’t we make sure they know why?

This article by Politico compiled the list of electors from each state.  This post from The Communicated Stereotype will also have contact information for the electors from the states where the numbers were very close, as well as an example/sample email you can send.

I have a growing list of the contact information I can find for the electors, broken up by state:  If you have any emails or other contact information to add to our lists, please contact me.

Please use your voice and help in whichever way you feel comfortable.  Whether you contact the electors, share this message for others to read, both, or something else entirely, you can do something.  This post will be shared by us on Twitter and Facebook.  If you would like to contact us feel free to do so either directly, through social media, or by leaving a comment below.

It’s not too late.  This is something we cannot deny.

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