What Does It Mean To Be Androsexual?

For the first Terminology Tuesday of 2016 I will be explaining what it means to be androsexual.

Similar to gynesexuality, androsexuality is also fairly easy to learn and remember.

Androsexuality is sexual attraction to males.

There are several reasons a person will identify as androesexual as opposed to heterosexual or homosexual. One of the main reasons is being on the gender spectrum. It makes it easier because sometimes people will ask, “how can you be gay or straight if you’re not a boy or a girl?” Identifying as either androsexual or gynesexual, though it will probably cause confusion at first, will make it a bit easier to explain to people.

Rememer, everyone’s identity and perception of their identity is going to be different. Some androsexuals might only be with cis-males, while others might not care if someone is cis or trans. There is no clear-cut answer. Everyone is different.

If you’re still confused about androsexuality, want to share any information you may have, or want to add to or correct my explanation, feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly.

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