What is a Safe Space?

This week for Terminology Tuesday I want to discuss safe spaces, because I feel like there’s a growing animosity toward them, especially in school settings.

A safe space is a space in which individuals will be welcome regardless of who they are or what they believe.

This does not mean opposition is not allowed in the space; it means people are allowed to have opposing opinions and not be attacked or judged for having them.

Many people argue that a safe space will take away from discussion because it will limit the amount of topics they are allowed to talk about in that space.  But what’s safe about avoiding the discussion?  What’s safe about not talking about what might need to be talked about?  I don’t think there’s anything safe about not having that conversation; I think it’s a disservice to not have that conversation.  The reason some people don’t know about certain identities and issues is because we don’t create the space in which it can safely be talked about.  How, then, can you call that space a safe space?

If you want to talk more about safe spaces, or want to share how you feel about safe spaces, feel free to join the discussion by either leaving a comment, finding us on Twitter, or contacting us directly.

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