What is Bisexuality?

This week I want to talk about bisexuality for Terminology Tuesday because I feel it’s generally a very misunderstood term. 

I was reading a few posts recently (one of them, which contains others, can be found here), and they opened my eyes a bit to bisexuality and how it can differ from pansexuality. 

The prefix “bi-” means “two,” which is generally what I think causes a lot of confusion. The “two” bisexual attraction generally refer to are the same gender as you and other genders. Other genders does not mean all other genders, but is not limited to only one other gender. For example, someone who is bisexual may be attracted to cis males, trans males, and nonbinary individuals. This can differ from pansexuality because the prefix “pan-” means “all.”

A common misconception about bisexual individuals is that they are gay or straight at different times, depending upon who they are with or who they want to be with. However, this is not true. Bisexuality is an identity which is just as valid as every other identity.

If you have any questions or anything to add, join the discussion! Either leave a comment, or contact me. 

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