What We Can Do

There has been a lot going on lately politically, and I’m sorry I didn’t post sooner and that this post is coming on the first day of pride month.  But I’m here, and I want to make sure I share this with you guys because there are threats being made to health care, education, the environment, and, ultimately, people’s rights.

Here are some of the things you can do:

1. Contact your senators
If you want to contact your senators, I made a handy document to help you reach out.  They are there to represent you, so why not let them know how you feel about what’s been going on?

2. Share your story about health care and the ACA
The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) is collecting and sharing stories about how health care and the ACA has helped people, and if you have a story you’re comfortable sharing you can submit it here.

3. Attend a local political event
Your elected officials are there to represent you, so let them hear you.  This website is compiling a list of events happening all over the USA.

4. Show your pride
It’s pride month!  There are tons of events happening right now.  If you’re not sure what’s going on in your area, this calendar might be able to help.  Getting out there and showing your support not only shows that there are people who are willing to speak out, it also shows others that you are an ally and that you support them.  And I cannot stress enough how important that is.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ways to show support right now.  But I hope this serves as a reminder that there are things we can do, whether we believe it or not.  Above all, remember to always stay safe in whatever way you show support.

We are not completely helpless.  Let’s show them that.  Together.

Update (June 13, 2017):
This list was compiled of contact information for each senator’s legislative assistant.  It is a great counterpart to the document I created with contact information for senators.

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